NBC New Business Consulting supports its customers in all sales and marketing areas and topics necessary to align their sales and marketing in a sustainable way, generate more new customers, grow existing and new customers profitably and improve processes and performance.

Our focus is on sales and marketing for small and medium-sized B2B companies. All strategies, tactics, methods and tools used have the direct or indirect goal of generating more and sustainable revenue quickly, efficiently and “uncomplicated,” with the best possible prices and least effort.

Mind consists not only of knowledge, but also in the ability to apply knowledge in fact


Often worlds lie between management’s strategic aspiration and daily operations. Strategy implementation and thus increase of value fail often not because of lack in the strategy quality, but also due to an inefficient transfer and implementation into the operational business. This is where we start.

Achieving the goal is often easier than you might think-the right course of action and tools are enough

About 35 years of sales management and management experience in small, medium and global companies are the right basis for successful and sustainable implementation of the consulting projects. Practical relevance, direct and fast implementation is an essential part of our approach. Also like measurable successes and sustainability. No external concepts should be used but they are individually worked out, in cooperation with and for the employees. Fast, efficient and repeatable. Our goal is to help people to help themselves.