Market Analytics and Consulting for Pharma & HealthCare Packaging

Patented Pharmaceuticals, Generics, Biopharma, Biosimilars, OTC (Over-The-Counter), VMS (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements), Phytopharmaceuticals, Homeopathy, Nutraceuticals, Psychedelics, Precision Medicine, Cell & Gene Therapy, Animal Health, Diagnostics

Business growth is one of the primary goals of any business and sales strategy. But often the growth goal is more easily planned than achievable in reality. And within Pharma and Healthcare packaging it may take long time from first contact to start of sales.

There are many ways to gain new business, such as about new products, new markets, the expansion of existing customers or the generation of new accounts. NBC New Business Consulting supports its clients in developing and implementing sustainable growth strategies and actions as well as increasing sales and marketing performance.

In order to recognize growth opportunities and potential for an increase in sales and performance, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the Pharma and HealthCare end-markets and industry processes (from drug development and fill-finish to patients).

Growing Demand for Pharma & HealthCare Primary Packaging

The complex, innovative, and ever-changing pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is projected to grow steadily. Primary packaging plays a crucial role in this highly fragmented market, ensuring the safe distribution, identification, application and tracking of all pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

This growth also is attributed to the increased demand for pharmaceutical packaging in pharmerging economies such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries and high demand for technologically advanced solutions, such as self-administered drug delivery devices. The Drug Delivery Devices (DDD) have seen significant evolution over the last decades as the role of devices is increasingly reinforced through adoption of patient-centric approaches.

New biological treatments for cancer, a dramatic rise of widespread diseases such as diabetes and new technologies used e.g., for Cell and Gene Therapy, call for improved processing and packaging solutions to fulfil the different needs all over the world

Business Opportunities for Primary Packaging Already Start at Clinic Stages

During the life cycle of new chemical entities (NCEs) and the relevant clinical trial phases, there will inevitably come a time when a decision about the appropriate drug packaging and its potential supplier(s) is required to get a drug product on the market.

Choosing the most appropriate packaging solution for e.g., oral solid dosage or parenteral application forms, is selected and tested long time before the new drug is launched. Knowing the drug pipeline and opportunities to get in at early stage is critical for pharma primary packaging suppliers.

New, complex therapies (e.g., Cell & Gene Therapy) coming through the pharma pipelines are often personalized medicines with new challenges for suppliers like small batch sizes and low annual production demands.

Consumer Health Market Trends Require More Packaging Innovations

The consumer health market is showing a trend for more self-care, Rx-to-OTC switches and naturals as well as a growing sensitivity for sustainability. Along with consumer health innovations and differentiating packaging concepts for branded drugs these are the key drivers for new challenging consumer-centric packaging solutions.

Rising health awareness and increasing demand for convenience in the highly competitive pharmaceutical packaging market necessitates brand enhancement/differentiation through the development of new packaging solutions. Moreover, rising awareness of environmental issues and the adoption of new regulatory standards acts as a driver for the pharmaceutical packaging industry.