Sales- and Marketing Consulting B2B

Analysis – Evaluation – Creation – Implementation – Steering – Control – Optimization

No company can afford not to grow. Business growth is one of the primary goals of any business and sales strategy. But often the growth goal is more easily planned than achievable in reality. There are many ways to gain new business, such as about new products or services, new markets, the expansion of existing customers or the generation of new customers.

NBC New Business Consulting supports its clients in developing and implementing sustainable growth strategies as well as increasing sales and marketing performance.

Analysis und Evaluation

In order to recognize growth opportunities and potential for an increase in sales and performance, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the markets, market potential, their own strengths and weaknesses and also their own sales processes. Without detailed analyzes and assessments, sales strategy, sales tools, sales promotions, and one’s own processes are shaped more by intuition than by sustainable and resilient practices.

Therefore, before developing a growth strategy as well as any sales strategy, i.e. to clarify:

• Who are our most valuable customers?
• What are our most powerful sales channels?
• What are our most effective campaigns?
• What is our activity compared to competitors?
• Do we allocate resources appropriately?
• Where are our best growth opportunities?
• Where should we focus our marketing spend?
• What should we do next to improve our results?

Instruments such as e.g. customer segmentation, customer value analysis, market and competitive analysis, product life cycle analysis, portfolio analysis, SWOT analysis, market trend analysis, sales channel analysis – to name a few analyzes – are used and the results form the basis for the development and implementation of a professional and efficient sales strategy and sales management.


We work closely with your sales and marketing team to create company-specific strategies and concepts.

So we work out together, for example an integrated lead generation plan when it comes to attracting new customers. The goal is to increase sales and efficiency by improving the lead generation process. All modern sales and marketing methods are taken into consideration, including the digital appearance including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and “Account Based Sales” with customer-specific sales and marketing campaigns.

We focus on all major segments, functions and tasks in sales and marketing und help your team to get better.

From all areas of sales and marketing management, the necessary functions and instruments are selected and designed according to the market or customer in order to achieve the sales goals. This also includes sales and marketing processes.

Implementation, Steering and Control

Implementing strategies and concepts in practice often requires a detailed project plan with defined time periods and goals. This is worked out together and responsibilities are allocated (for example based on a RACI matrix). Implementation is monitored on an ongoing basis, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are measured, and if there are any deviations, it reacts quickly with appropriate measures and counters them.


Sales and marketing are under greater pressure than ever to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI) for a good reason. Companies want to know that their bottom line sales and marketing spend results can be identified, gained, won, transformed and tied by more customers.

However, many have problems with proper measurement and analysis of sales and marketing performance as well as the development and implementation of appropriate improvement programs. NBC New Business Consulting can help to define how and what is measured, how it should be used and where and with what measures results can be achieved.

We also analyze your sales and marketing activities and check the correspondence between the business plan and the sales and marketing strategy and whether the goals can be achieved with existing and planned operational resources. Our integrated approach includes both quantitative and qualitative techniques. In a systemic and fact-based approach to assess current sales and marketing capabilities and processes, a variety of data points and KPIs (key performance indicators) are explored, each of which provides a detailed explanation, reviews and suggestions for improvement based on NBC GmbH “Growth Assessment Model “.