Lead Generation

Lead Identification and Generation

Many companies still primarily rely on the tried and tested analogue sales processes: Making contacts at trade fairs and events, the cold acquisition by phone and the phone follow-up is still part of the day-to-day business.

In order to fill the sales funnel with enough leads, well-paid sales experts run cold calls at packaging procurement department without knowing exactly at which point the customer currently is standing in his buying process.

By no means all marketing and sales teams know the typical information and decision-making paths of customers. When it comes to customer acquisition, it is crucial where and how your potential customers begin their information search and how, when and with which content he needs to be approached.

Most critical in the pharma world: decisions are taken often at a very early stage i.e., already during clinical phase 2 or 3 for new drugs developments. So, it’s important to have a network which includes e.g., drug development and galenic.

Example of Provided Services

  • Identification of Target Opportunity Area
  • Customer Purchase Criteria Evaluation
  • Buying Centre Identification
  • Development of Lead Generation Strategy and Approach