Sales Opportunities Identification and Evaluation

The ongoing development of new medicines and healthcare products, the further growth of generics and biosimilars, new markets such as cell & gene therapy and the continuous expansion of the OTC and healthcare segment continue to offer great growth opportunities for pharmaceutical packaging.

New therapies like e.g., for neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, migraine and in oncologic are expected to drive the drug pipeline. New routes of application for new and existing APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) are developed and also e.g., the trend towards self-medication offer growth potentials.

Continued innovation in both conventional and next-generation protein therapeutics, cell and gene therapies, RNA- and DNA-based treatments, and vaccine technologies is driving demand for fill-finish capacity and the need for state top the art packaging systems.

The identification and evaluation of new sales potential is an ongoing process to fill the growth pipeline. Once potential new business opportunities are identified, a more detailed analysis of the opportunities should be performed. This analysis is an assessment of the potential market size (quantity and value), potential customers, market requirements, and viability of the opportunity. After completing the analysis, a decision must be made as to whether the opportunity is worth pursuing.

Example of Provided Services

  • Fill-Finish Demand Analysis and Evaluation by Product Category
  • Drug Development Pipeline Analysis and Forecasting of Primary Packaging Potentials
  • Analyse of Originals to Generic and Rx-to-OTC Switches Opportunities
  • New Healthcare/OTC Segments and Product Categories and their Key Drivers
  • New and Expanded Fill-Finish Capacities and its Packaging Opportunities