Supplier Analysis

Analysis of Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging Providers

For industrial companies, strategic market and competition analysis (market intelligence) is increasingly being used to systematically unlock new growth potentials and secure the own market position. It is worthwhile for any company to carry out regular competitive analysis.

The analysis not only provides information about the number and respective market shares of the competitors, but also explanations for their company success. Thus, it is possible to identify possible success factors that will help your company to position yourself better against your competitors.

While the general considerations of a competitive cost-structure, capacity and product quality are important, many pharmaceutical companies also tend to value other differentiation factors too, like regulatory experiences and inspection record, technical innovation, and ability to support projects from start to finish.

Example of Provided Services

  • Analysis of Packaging Manufacturer Differentiation and Value Propositions
  • Performance Analysis, Chances & Risks and Rating
  • Packaging Manufacturer Product Portfolio Analysis and Evaluation
  • Pharma Packaging Wholesaler Landscape Analysis
  • Analyse and Rating of Innovations and New Market Developments