Pharma Packaging Training

Pharmaceutical packaging represents the last step in the drug product manufacturing cycle, the final event before the treatment is delivered to dispensers and patients all over the world. The process is not simple, it is capital and process-intensive, and managing the task becomes even more complex at a commercial scale.

The Pharma and Healthcare procurement, quality and packaging engineering contacts need and want professionally experienced suppliers with a sound understanding of Healthcare and Pharma drugs, packaging need and fill-finish environment. The seller must become “customer understanding” and a “problem solver”, which only is possible if he knows his accounts business and market.

To deepen your knowledge, e.g., for newcomers, we offer tailor-made training courses on pharmaceutical primary packaging. This introductory course gives the participants a good basic education and an understanding of pharmaceutical primary packaging, its specific properties, areas of application and packaging trends.

The participants should get a broad overview of the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, their specific requirements, processes and terminology in relation to drug development, manufacturing, quality, approval and fill-finish processes, always with reference to the relevant markets and products of the client.

Example of possible structure and content (would also include customized group-works)

  1. Pharma and Healthcare Market Overview (trends, major players, segments); Impact on Packaging Demand and Growth Trends
    • Healthcare Market Segments, their Packaging Demand and Supply Chains, Pharma Originals and Patented Drugs, Generics Companies, Biopharma and Biosimilars, CROs, CDMOs, CMOs, OTC, VMS, Homeopathic, Diagnostics, Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies
  2. Demographic and Health Trends with Impact on Drug Demand and Development
    • Ageing population / increase of chronical illness / increasing healthcare costs / growth of pharm-emerging countries demand / trend for self-medication
  3. Drug Formulations, Medication Forms, Routes of Drug Administration and their major Types of Packaging
    • Enteral (oral, sublingual, rectum) / Parenteral (injection, infusion, inhalation) / topical/intranasal/ophthalmic. Tablets, capsules, powder, pills, syrups, suspensions, solutions, ointments, suppository, small volume parenterals
  4. Pharma Industry: Drug Development, Manufacturing, Fill-Finish and Regulatory
    • Drug development and pipeline phases, Manufacturing processes small and large molecules and biotech drugs, Cell and Gene Therapy, Orphan Drugs / Rare Diseases, Lyophilisation and its requirements on packaging material, Aseptic filling and sterilization, Fill-Finish processes, Isolator Technology, delamination, optical and weight in-process control, automatic infeed systems, container cleansing and drying, fill-finish line efficiency OEE. cGMP, health authorities, pharmacopeia
  5. New Drug Packaging Development, Selection and Release
    • Process steps from selection to release
  6. Packaging Procurement Pharma Industry, Decision Making Processes and Requirements by Segment
    • Procurement structures and processes big and small industry, purchasing strategies and buying centre relationships, key success criteria, supplier relationship management and supplier loyalty